"All creativity starts with audacity".      

Handy Hellraiser sm

Long Duk Dong 3

Thrashin Thanos1

Welcome 2018 sm

Pacman Eating Emoticons


Narsissus In the Garden of Malcontent

I soiled my armor med

Rocket Rabbit Med

Not so Giving WM

owen wall 3

Has to be true DD

Just a few issues sm

I'm a dead bill

DD Baby Trump

Goat 4

Butterfly Thief

Grass Hoopper


I'm Mary Poppins sm

Leaf and Bamboo Combo 1

Happy Zombie Face

Pink Ironman WM

Bloody Bunny Final

Groot Rabbit

Eola Lit Wall Display Final

Farts 3

Half and Half Unicorn

Butterfly Thief

Sight Counter Final SM

Cover Web

Frame Bar  Profile WG



Mural 1 Final

Love Hurts Break Shirt

Advanced Vision Main 2


Sight-Main-1-Final SM

Goggle Display W Goggles

Marilyn Manson WM

Camel Poster SM

Eola Eyes Main 3 RT SM

Hannibal Happy Face WM

Serenity 5 Frosted

Love stinks WM

Eola Main 1 Final


Lansing O0110


Vision Boutique 2

Vision Boutique 1

Image Eyecare Final 6

Giraffe Imagined

Elephant Poster

Eola Glass Wall Final

Thrack and Gaack

Forman Details (7) copy

Vision Boutique Lens Area


Corey Van Duinen

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​Contact me for more info or to volunteer for upcoming projects. You can also check on availability for commissioned works. 

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